VavilonExpansion 8.1

Gripping realtime strategy game


  • Good general quality, great graphics, completely free!


  • Slightly repetitive, a little complicated at first.


From the creator of numerous popular freeware titles (notably Panzer Assault and Chaser) comes the new adventure title VavilonExpansion. An old fashioned strategy game, VavilonExpansion challenges you to build your resources, troops and workers in order to conquer the territory surrounding your village.

The game’s graphics and sound effects are both far above what one would normally expect from a freeware game – with attractive maps and animations, along with great battlefield sounds. VavilonExpansion’s game play is also good for a freeware game, although it can become a little repetitive after extended periods of play. Having said that, the depth of the strategy – its tech tree, different military units and trade possibilities are all pleasant surprises in a Palm OS game.

Strategic game from top Palm game developer, Sergey Volchenkov, with real time battles. Improve your villages, upgrade your troops and conquer all the Vavilon Lands.

You live in a peacefull village in Mesopotamia, enjoy hanging around with your fellow peasants until one day word reaches your little town that the tribe that lives far across the plain, beyond the mountain has started to gather an army. It is said that they even have, by some dark magic probably, mastered the art of making weapons and armour far superior to spears and wooden shields with wich you hunt. They call it iron.

And so begins your quest! A popular, enjoyable came for Palm, completely free.



VavilonExpansion 8.1

User reviews about VavilonExpansion

  • by Anonymous

    Fun game.
    well the graphics aren't great but this is a fun game, and pretty good for free..   More